Published 2 years ago

Hello everyone,

It has been a couple of months since I wrote the last update on the state of affairs. We are not going anywhere but I'd like to update you about a few things that have been happening.

First of all, I'd like to apologize for being largely MIA except for a few crucial fixes for the past 3 weeks. I have been finishing my dissertation, and it had to take precedence. But that is complete now, and I tip my fedora to the SSC raiders that had to wait a few weeks for my boss fixes. SSC has sadly been the only instance I was not able to finish rewriting before launch, but now I am been able to jump on top of that. So far I have modernized Lurker Below and Morogrim Tidewalker, with the rest following suit soon-ish.

Due to my absence and since many guilds found SSC too challenging to tackle in the interim, we will do a minor 1 week delay of 2.1 content over our initial plans. For the most part, our timeline will stay close to the same; and we will announce the specific 2.1 content release date very soon.

As most of us are going into long term support of the core, since the majority is now stable enough, I will be soon resuming coding content for the future. Our core is currently completely missing 3 key parts of TBC: Shartuul Transporter event, Suns Reach reclamation phases for 2.4 and refurbishmet of Sunwell Plateau bosses. Incidentally we are also adding support for AQ War Effort, but that will not be used on the current realm and is meant as more of an architectural feature which is very similar to what 2.4 needs.

We will continue providing bug support with any issues that might pop up and hopefully through the mentioned content modernization our GMs will also have an easier job helping you all. I will definitely stream some of that new content

development, so be sure to check it out.