Published 2 years ago

Hello everyone,

we will be releasing 2.1 patch on 21st of July. We would like to go over certain aspects of what will change with this patch and why.

First of all, all the content available in patch 2.1 will be available immediately, with a small asterisk for Shartuul Transporter(or also called Darkrune Event) which will be available at launch but is a major work in progress.

We will be removing prenerf raid mechanics and tuning from a plethora of bosses and old raids. This is namely for Al'ar, Solarian, Magtheridon, and Vashj.

We have also decided to remove attunement requirements for raids T4 and T5 as we want our population to be able to focus on T6 content this patch and we do not wish to impair them in any way. So the Karazhan gate will still be in place, but players without attunement will be able to enter. SSC and TK will not require new raiders to have completion of the Trials or killing Magtheridon and Gruul. Heroics will still require keys to enter, but 2.1 reduces the reputation requirement from Revered to Honored. Normal dungeons and Heroics will also be tuned down slightly. Please note you will still have to complete the attunement quest to enter Black Temple.

To assist if you have friends who want to join this content, or if players want to switch mains, we will also be running 3x optional XP rate for Alliance and 2x optional XP rate for Horde for levels 58-70 so people can reach the endgame more quickly.

Next, we will be awarding arena season 1 on 28th of July, and the players will keep their honor/arena points and will be receivingblizzlike title/mount rewards. Just as a sidenote, S1 does not have a custom gladiator title.

Lastly, I would like to highlight what we have been up to. In addition to bugfixing and slowly starting new tech, we have successfullyfixed a few long time issues. These include better common scenario pathfinding, transport pathfinding and pet support - , as well as improvements to combat leashing and smooth flying for mobs - and smooth ground pathfinding as well. We have also started preparing 2.4 content,so that in the future there are 0 content delays and the phases for the island are almost done.

In the future, we have 2 major features planned this year. One is internal and is called GameObject spellcasting, and the otheris called Creature Formations, which should a far superior feature to what we have now. We also plan to continue modernizing ourcontent, but since T6 content already uses a lot more modern code, this mostly means further improvements to smoothness of 2.0.3content. We will also announce the day of 2.3 patch when someone beats Illidan.

Looking forward to everyone tuning in to our patch 2.1 content.



PS: Small shortlist of what patch 2.1 contains:

1. Mount Hyjal and Black Temple raids + their respective factions

2. Skettis zone, Blade's Edge Mountains plateaus, Netherstorm ethereal content

3. Netherwing, Ogri'la and Shatari Skyguard dailies

4. A lot of new patterns/recipes for all professions

5. More raid commendation drops, new jewels from Heroics, additional items from raids (Magtheridon head and Kael'thas Verdant spheres)

6. New quests