Published 2 years ago

Below you will find a summary of all the changes/fixes that have been done so far in the months of January and February of this year.

Courtesy of Killerwife, Warlockbugs, AnonXS, MantisLord, Trugge and Laizerox as well as the entire CMaNGOS open source team.

This is a bit lengthy, but that's because a whole lot is being done! If you're confused about any of the items on this list, feel free to reach out to the team on Discord!

We're always happy to answer questions regarding ongoing development.



Update linking for Nether-Stalker <Marid's Guardian> and Wind Trader Marid
Fix faction for Wind Trader Marid
Add NPC linking for q.10273 "Troublesome Distractions" & improve script timers
q.10273 "Troublesome Distractions" - quest script rework
Spinebreaker Post - Hellfire Peninsula updates (Thrallmar Grunt - script fixed, console errors fixed)
Updated our database scripting engine to allow for more fine tuned prioritzation and timings (adjusted all existing scripts in DB accordingly)
Zul'Farak - Update (out of date checks removed and console errors fixed)
Improve Timers for Skettis Wing Guard
Improve MainSpell Timer for Skettis Windwalker
Improve Timer for Talonsworn Forest-Rager
Adjust Hammer of Justice Timer & Fix Judgement Targeting for Baron Rafe Dreuger
Fixed AI for Skettis Surger
Improve Timers for Blackwind Warp Chaser
Improve MainSpell Cast Timers for Skettis Soulcaller
Fix Toughen spell used by Deathlash Stinger & Scorpid Bonecrawler
Improve Combat Timers for Infested Root-Walker & Rotting Forest-Rager
Fixed linking/aggro behavior of Ganarg Tinkerer
Adjustments for AI and timers of essentially all casters in the world
Shattered Hand Acolyte - adjusted usage of Power Word: Fortitude spell
Improve Timers for Shalassi Oracle
Improve Timers for Decrepit Clefthoof
Improve Timers for Lost Spirit
Improve Timers for Auchenai Death-Speaker
Improve Timers for Auchenai Initiate
Improve Timers for Lithic Oracle
Improve Warp spell targeting for NPCs Warp Stalker, Warp Hunter, and Daggertail Lizard
Fixes for adds in Thaddius encounter:
    - Add Feugen/Stalagg specific aura to each Tesla Coil NPC
    - Link the Tesla Coil to their respective add
    - Update stats and remove movement hack for Tesla Coil)
Completed Sunken Temple Puzzle Gameobjects - added missing ones and pooled them together
Small Naxxramas updates:
    - Frostwyrm Lair Waterfall - change object animation state
    - Plague Fissure trigger NPC (Add missing spawn, Update flags)
Add support for Sapphiron encounter
Correct areatrigger teleport data (destination position for all dungeon/raid portals)
Add waypoints for Bixi Wobblebonk
Add DB support for Maexxna encounter in Naxxramas:
    - Spawn missing triggers - Invisible Man
    - Update flags and speed for Invisible Man and Web Wrap
    - Add template addon for Invisible Man
    - Add missing spell targets for spells used in Maexxna encounter
Improve Auchenai Doomsayer AI
Improved passive auras for Umbrafen Oracle & Umbrafen Seer
Zul'Farak - Update (Gahzrilla should do random movement around current position)
Updated stats of many pets
Added all official world safe location data to database and associated handling in core (better handling for graveyards that player ghosts spawn at)
Fixed targeting for Spore Cloud spell
Fixed passive auras for Leprous Technician and Leprous Machinesmith in Gnomeregan
Fixed passive auras for Venture Co. Geologist and Disembodied Vindicator
Fixed passive auras for Ruul Snowhoof
Fixed passive auras for Umbrafen Witchdoctor
Small fixes for Scarlet Monastery Ashbringer Event code
Fix error in General Rajaxx script
Added Flee behavior for "Pretty Boy" Duncan
Add missing temp. Root and Immolation Aura for Infernal NPC
Corrected flying state for Infernal Target (Hyjal)
Further Improve Kilsorrow Spellbinder AI - Adjust Counterspell Timer and Chains of Ice (Draining Effect) is only cast on Mana Users
Add Ogre Aggro Texts for Molok the Crusher
Added minimum range for Venture Co. Strip Miner's Throw Dynamite spell
Improve Timers for Windyreed Wretch
Correct Timers for Boulderfist Mystic
Improve Kilsorrow Spellbinder - adjusted caster mode, added fleeing, fix Arcane Missiles timer
Adjust Bloodthirst Timer for Kilsorrow Deathsworn
Improve Tortured Earth Spirit AI - Correct Timer for Earth Shock
Improve Boulderfist Mage - adjusted caster mode, cast Bloodlust on friendly targets
Fix Model for Unstable Shroom
Add correct Stealth Aura for Daggerfen Assassin
Add missing Superior Healing Ward Passive for Superior Healing Ward
Improve Bleeding Hollow Dark Shaman AI
Improve Maiden of Pain - adjust Lash of Pain timer and cast Whipped Frenzy on friendlies
Reorganized some AI texts for easier porting between expansions in CMaNGOS
Improve King Bangalash - Should NOT Despawn Adds on Evade, Call For Help on Aggro, add Emote for Summon Panthers
Improve Mana Surges in Tabetha Dustwallow Quest
Add Evade after Flee and fix emotes for Wild Sparrowhawk
Fixes for Sethir the Ancient - Add Minion of Sethir and missing texts
Improve Darkcrest Siren AI
Improve Shield Charge and Strike timers for Blackhand Veteran
Update Flak Cannon AI
Adjust Seal of Righteousness coefficient calculation
Add movement for Emerald Dragons
Add TBC expansion launch event
Fix event gossips for several NPCs
Add Illidan demon form model data
Added broadcast text to core - allows for 100% accuracy in spelling/punctuation and such for all creature texts going forward
Fix Alcaz Survey aura application for Survey Alcaz Island quest
Fix auras for Fire Nova totems
General Zul'Aman data fixes - corrected many models, flags, and mechanic immunities
Fix faction of adds in Al'ar encounter
Minor Eversong Woods data fixes
Fix proc data for Aura of the Crusader
Added complete script for q.8891 "Abandoned Investigations"
Add data for Ashbringer event
Correct DamageSchool for Accursed Apparition
Highlord Kruul - Add spawns/movement in Winterspring and Eastern Plaguelands
Add some data for Highlord Kruul (TBC launch event)


Implement additional world metrics
Add metric doc and improve map update metric
Implement metric reporting
Add spell Sapphirons Wing Buffet Despawn used by Sapphiron
Imports: Fix player imports for enchantments, item random properties and rename
Dbscript: Implement priority and milisecond precision
Add Despawn Ice Block spell used by Sapphiron & Kill Web Wrap spell used by Maexxna
Add Chill spell used by Blizzard
Fix possible use of deleted memory zone
Improve PCH support
Fix boost 1.71 issue with cmake
Rework g3dlite lib
Use correct NPC trigger in Heigan encounter in Naxxramas to summon plague waves
Add Sapphiron's Wing Buffet during air phase in Naxxramas
Use spell scripts for Sapphiron - Move scripted auras and spells used in Sapphiron encounter from SpellEffects.cpp and SpellAuras.cpp to Sapphiron c++ script.
Fix Sapphiron air phase
Add small script to force Kaliri Nest to despawn
Add cannot dodge while casting.
Script quest 8488 "Unexpected Results"
Wailing Spectre & Lost Spirit should melee during Cry of the Dead
Implement communicator and json import and sending of chars to mangosd
EAI: Fix uninitialized values causing distancing to fail
Minor fixes to WSG rework
Targeting Rework: Fix chaining not removing unit target from aoe list
Add checks for target validity in TargetedMovementGenerators
Fix wrong errors for broadcast_text
Spell Phase Burst should not be removed on Evade
Safeguard owner threat propagation against Feign Death
Add spell from Classic DBC - "Stun Self + Immune"
Some tweaks for Highlord Kruul:
    - Only allow Kazzak's Assault to hit NPCs
    - Infernal Hounds move around a little more
    - Set Kruul to active
Fix check for SPELL_ATTR_EX6_IGNORE_CC_TARGETS - Make use of appropriate cc method
Script Highlord Kruul 18338 - Moved from ACID and expanded upon
Fix crash in HandleCastCommand due to missing spell target
Charm: Cache charm start position from combat start position if applicable
Charm: Reinstate walking properly on charm end
Charm: Add charm start position to properly handle evading on charm end
Make attack swing opcode attack using current mover
AI/Spell: And add M2 ignore to anywhere else in AI and Spell as well
Fix crash in Unit::RemoveAuraHolderDueToSpellByDispel due to iter invalidation
Fix logical typo in Gameobject trap checking for stealthed/invisible
AI: Aggro LOS should ignore M2
Disable heartbeat resist ticking when its a selfcast aura
Fix threat not being applied on charm end when charmed wasnt in combat
MoveChase: Adjust collision height calc and make initial movement check for needing to move
TargetingRework: Deincrement chainTargetCount on FilterTargetMap
Make Neutral spell Dropping Phase Disruptor negative
Fix Protectorate Demolitionist and Vanguard not engaging properly with their peers (Also fixes Ethereum Gladiator not being attackable)
Add leashing checks to Ring of Blood mobs
Fix Freezing Circle being removed by damage
Adjust warlock pet mana regen scaling to 0.5 of owner
Pet Scaling: Fully utilize auras to scale pets
Fix minor order bug in sending combo points to player
Readd missing Love is in the Air spells
Make fear apply suppression again
Spell Damage: Refactor spell damage calculation to always wholly respect damage multipliers
Add some missing spells used in Sapphiron encounter
Add some missing spell used in Maexxna encounter
Small fixes for Sapphiron:
    - Better timer for Blizzard
    - Fix duration of Blizzard
    - Update emote type
    - Remove unneeded or duplicate code
Teach Sapphiron how to fly
Rework Sapphiron encounter:
    - Remove WotLK emote
    - Improve some timers
    - Fix Frost Aura only working on first tick (thus making the encounter way harder)
    - Properly re-implement Icebolt/Frost Breath mechanics
    - Fix Blizzard
Implement spell Icebolt used in Sapphiron encounter in Naxxramas.
Improve spell Despawn Ice Block used in Sapphiron encounter in Naxxramas. The spell will now despawn the Ice Block GameObjects as the name suggests.
Implement modify commands for stats
Improve implementation of learn all command
Prevent a warning when requesting for a creature that was not spawned: only set timer of Living Poison spawns when related trigger is added to instance map
Fix for fishing - "Cast did not land in fishable water" in due to water level detection accuracy update
Comments clean-up in Thaddius script
Change variables naming convention for Maexxna script
Rework Maexxna encounter in Naxxramas:
    - fully rewrite the Web Wrap mechanics to its Classic state by using sniffs and videos from original retail. Note that many parts of the mechanics are still guesswork but the result and behaviour is globally far more Blizzlike
    - Use dedicated spells to summon Maexxna Spiderlings
    - Clean-up timers
    - Fix a few targets
    - Properly reset stage on wipe
    - Remove WotLK emotes
Script spells 28617, 28628 and 28629 used for Web Wrap mechanics in Maexxna encounter in Naxxramas
Add spell 39663 Summon Cosmetic Fel Fire
EAI: Fix error due to TARGET_T_EVENT_SENDER in some events
EAI: Add error to spell cast action load to avoid crashes
Spell Ruul Snowhoof Shapechange (DND) should not be removed on Evade
Move Ruul Snowhoof Shapechange (DND) spell to npc_ruul_snowhoof due to CastingTimeIndex and Improve Faction and UnitFlags Behavior on Questaccept
Reorder AI_REACTION_HOSTILE sending based on sniff
Movespline: Implement handling of "facing target" flag
TargetedMovementGenerator: Fix rubberbanding when self-interrupting
MoveChase: Implement sending of target guid in spline
TargetingRework: Fix chain spells not working on critters
Remove channeled flag from Osmosis spell
Clear emote in creature_addon on combat enter
Add error to creature_addon on load to spells with cast time
Fix TerrainInfo::GetWaterOrGroundLevel picking point below texture
Fix charges which have DEST targeting and use wrong effect
Targeting rework: Rework SCHEME_CLOSEST_CHAIN enforcement
CLS: Add rounding to class level stats HP mana and armor calculation
Clear stand state for creatures if in creature addon
CombatRework: Do not reset combat timer on periodic threat assist
Add Combat Behavior for npc_disobedient_dragonmaw_peon
Spell: Make reflected spells respect effect/school/mechanic immunity
Fix Flametongue Weapon damage calculation bug due to GetEnchantmentModifier changes
Immolation spell should not be removed on Evade
Add Ashbringer spell changes and script for force reaction
Remove Enrage spell from IsSpellRemovedOnEvade as not all Npcs keep it (e.g Enraged Crusher NPC does not keep it)
Remove SPELL_INTERRUPT_FLAG_ABORT_ON_DMG from Spells falsly interrupted by damage (Case Corrosive Mist spell)
Fix a case of auto-non-interrupting spells interrupting auto spells for 0.5s during cast
Fix Crystal Spire of Karabor Effect - Factors in prior hp rather than the players hp after the heal.
Rework Warsong Glutch
Fix Traps -> Ignore Totems
Fix downranked area auras having wrong damage value due to calculation rework
Fix effect stuck not sending cooldown properly
Fix wrong school mask for spells
Targeting Rework: check unit target forced target on script targeting as well
AbstractPathMovementGenerator: Some refinements for first public version
Kara: Improve Nightbane landing animations
Process player name queries sent from character selection screen
Refactor player name queries handling
Generalize combo point to units because mobs use Overpower as well
Crash: Fix crash in WorldSession::HandleAttackSwingOpcode due to not found enemy
Targeting Rework: Fix bug where m_affectedTargetCount wipes all targets
SpellScripting: Implement scriptability for most cases required by SPELL_AURA_OVERRIDE_CLASS_SCRIPTS
Remove redundant Presence of Mind cast of visual
Refactor SPELL_ATTR_EX5_ALLOW_TARGET_OF_TARGET_AS_TARGET implementation using new principles
Reimplement Kill Command using Spell Script
Targeting Rework: Implement settable filtering schemas:
    - Also refactors chain targeting except script targeting. Script targeting was skipped due to it encompassing filtering of targets which result in destination insertion.
    - Should also result in fewer chain target spellmod computations.
Fix hunters mark script compilation warning
Spell: Make EffectHealPct and EffectHealMechanical not bypass general healing logic
Adjust multithreading code based on feedback
Reimplement Hunters Mark using Spell Scripts and fix calculation bug
Correct Text Type for Nalorakk - To Bear emote
Fix Felguard Destroyer Sweeping Charge ability
SpellReflect: Fix kill and threat assignment for reflect and fix proccing of spell reflect aura for travelling spells
Reimplement Shadow Word: Death using Spell Script
Reimplement Seed of Corruption
Fixed one case of quest sharing
Move furor and track humanoids based on sniff order to fix Energy regen issue
Fix one case of memory leak 
Black Temple - Fix typo in music implementation on Illidan
Add proper spell damage bonus calculation to Seal of Righteousness



Karazhan - Add missing spawns of Sealed Tomes and Chairs
Add data required for scripting visuals of q.10895 Zeth'Gor Must Burn!
Improve Timers for Coilfang Myrmidon
Coilfang Frenzy AI - added attack spawner
Add caster mode & Improve Timers for Cabal Spell-weaver
Improve Stats for Hathyss the Wicked
Improve Timers for Shadowy Initiate
Improve Timers for Shadowy Summoner
Improve AI for Skithian Windripper - Cast Power of Kranaish, reorder combat actions
Improve Timers for Gordunni Soulreaper
Wrekt Seer - fix HP threshold when Heal should be cast
Improve Timers for Tuurem Hunter
Improve Shienor Sorcerer timers for Power of Kranaish and Arrakoa Blast, add Enveloping Winds
Improve Timers for Firewing Warlock
Bonechewer Devastator - fix Snap Kick timer
Improve Timers for Bonechewer Backbreaker
Skettis Soulcaller - Adjust Timers for Call of the Grave & Slow
Add target for Someone Grab Me spell - Used in The Black Stalker encounter
Adjust threat reset for some Blink spells
Skeletal Usher - Adjust timers for Ice Tomb
Spectral Performer - Now Spotlight also increases player damage by 20% in addition to increasing enemy damage by 50%.
Trapped Soul - Update timers for Cone of Cold
Ghastly Haunt - Update timers for Shadow Shock
Arcane Protector - Update timers for Fist of Stone
Shadow Pillager - Remove Shadow Bolt (does not cast this), Fix timers for Searing Pain
Add movement used by summoned waved of Severed Spirit during Bessy escort quest
Remove static spawns of Cursed Spirit - These are summoned as part of a quest and should not be present all the time
Fix target type of Vagrant NPC texts
Fix targeting of Flanking Growth
Add missing Infernal Spawnscripts for Infernal Attackers near Shadowmoon Village
Make Blood Furnace cracks for buff not active at start
Fix target of Water Spit used by Rokmar the Crackler
Fix size of Bessy
Fixes for Call of Water script
Skettis Kaliri -Update timer for Swoop
Correct faction for some creatures in Skettis
Unstable Shroom - Adjust timers and Grow spell, add passive react state
Shienor Wing Guard - Update timers and target for Shield Bash (should only be casted on mana users)
Gordunni Back-Breaker - Update timers for Enraging Strike
Spirit Raven - Adjust timers for Terrifying Screech
Deathtalon Spirit - Adjust timers for Ghost Strike
Rhonsus - Add missing spell Fiery Weapon Proc
Add taunt immunity to Arcane Annihilator
Bonechewer Backbreaker - Bloodlust is casted on timer instead of at 30% HP, Adjust timer for Shadow Shock
Gordunni Soulreaper - Drain Life at 50% HP instead of 30%, Adjust timer for Summon Skeleton
Love is in the Air fixes - Preparation for worldstate update and fix Love Tokens amount sold
Data fixes for Darkmoon Steam Tonk - Adjust stats, add pet spells and targets
Misc fixes outside Scarlet Monastery:
    - Added random movement to a few Scarlet Magicians/Scouts that were missing it
    - Removed duplicate Earthroot
    - Added missing movement for one Scarlet Preserver
Fixes for Andormu:
    - Child version is not a vendor
    - Quest 10285 should be turned into child version of Andormu, not the adult version
Teribus the Cursed update:
    - Prior to Cataclysm, Teribus had a long movement path and would sometimes take awhile to reach the Writhing Mound where i.31811 Dread Relic is used
    - Change spawn to static, add waypoints, and update quest script accordingly
    - Add missing random sound
Implement Darkmoon Steam Tonk and Tonk Mine
Added waypoints to Vekniss Hive Crawler in AQ40
Add Wyrmcult Blessed fire resistance
Add missing texts for Flik
Darkmoon Faire Mulgore - Complete Overhaul:
    - Essentially all creatures and objects were positioned incorrectly
    - Added missing spawns and movement
Add minor Blood Furnace data fixes
Small fix to other gender model data of Scholomance Student
Remove wrong addon data for Magwin - This was causing her to get sleepy at a very inappropriate time
Arcane Vortex - add missing passive aura Arcane Surge
Fix Arcane Explosion (Cosmetic) casted at the end of quest 10240
Implement end script for q.10240 'Building a Perimeter'
Rework q.10830 Exorcising the Trees
Shadowy Hunter - Add missing text on aggro
Shadowy Initiate - Add missing spell Corruption
Shadowy Summoner - Add missing spell Shadow Rush
Ethereal Plunderer - Add missing spell Warp
Cabal Tomb-Raider - Add missing spell Crippling Poison
Skithian Windripper AI update:
    - Adjust timers for Arakkoa Blast
    - Cast Regrowth on friendly NPCs
    - Add missing Windfury spell
Gordunni Elementalist - Fire Nova Totem and Bloodlust are casted on timer instead of at certain % HP remaining
Sunfury Warp-Engineer - Adjust timers for Welding Beam, add missing spell Electroshock
Young Crust Burster - Adjust timers for Poison Bolt, add missing spell Rush
Searing Elemental - Add missing Immolation spell
Script new behavior for Skettis Talonite - Calls for help from nearby Skettis Kaliri on aggro
Gan'arg Analyzer - Add missing Arcane Explosion spell used on death
Add missing flee actions to many NPCs
Add missing Thorns passive to two Ravager creatures
Fix flags for invisible trigger creature Dragon Bunny
Add data related to Battle for the Dark Portal (Pre-TBC launch event)
Improve Lesser Infernal AI
Correct UnitFlags for passive flavor NPCs in Arathi Basin - All should be either unselectable or unattackable
Add some more targeting for Battleground objective capping
Fix battleground banner animations on use
Remove wrong vendor item for Kylene - She only sells booze, not leather bracers
Fix model data for Stormwind City Guard - Now has chance to spawn as male model instead of only female model
Correct UnitFlags for Illadari Point and fix Succubi Caster Position
Warpwood Spores - missing AI added
Correct Stats for Warpwood Spores
Remove Static Spawned Warpwood Spores - these are summoned instead by Warpwood Pod
Improve timers for Black Broodling, Scalding Broodling & Flamescale Broodling
Adjust linking for Dreghood Slave in Steamvault
Simplify AI for Dreghood Slave & Coilfang Slavemaster
Zul'Farrak - Sergeant Bly update (Make it so only one gossip option shows)
Correct Movement and Spawnpoint for two Tempest-Forge Destroyer in Mechanar
Improve Timers for Ethereum Wave-Caster
Enable guild banks on Stormspire (deviatation from progression)
[Prenerf] Coilfang Myrmidon - add sweeping strikes ability
Add second grandmaster dummy in PTR area for execute DPS testing
[Progression] Timeless Arrow and Timeless Shell were not available until Patch 2.1
[Progression] Gas Clouds - Windy Cloud not available until patch 2.3, Swamp Gas produces motes of life instead of water until patch 2.3
Handle changing location of TBC race greeter based on world state
Some improvements to Dr. Boom script
Text correction for custom LV NPC
Add nightbane landing movement
Reinstate 2.0.3 state of progression on Stormspire
Adjust some data for Battle for the Dark Portal event
Add missing vanilla quests discovered during imports
Correct Immunities for Tempest-Forge Destroyer
Added some special targets required for various Raise Dead spells
Karazhan - added missing spawns of Sealed Tome and some chairs
Adjusted mana regeneration for Shade of Aran and Curator
[Progression] Changed Mana Potion Injectors to old version
[Progression] Added Charm immunity to Nascent Fel Orc on heroic difficulty
[Progression] Adjusted prenerf damage for heroic Felguard Annihilator
[Progression] Added prenerf spawns of Durnholde Lookout Patrols in Old Hillsbrad Foothills
Fixed linking for some NPCs in OHF
Added proper waypoints used by portal spawns in Black Morass
Adjusted script for portal spawns in Black Morass so that they spread out better before damaging Medivh's shield and don't get stuck
Added movement required for missing Medivh visuals (Black Morass)
Speed adjustment for tree patrols in The Conservatory
Shattered Halls - fixes related to script for first Legionnaire pack in the dungeon
Added missing abilities and cooldown data for mind controlled NPCs in Hellfire Peninsula
Added missing abilities and cooldown data for mind controlled NPCs in Zangarmarsh
Added missing abilities and cooldown data for mind controlled NPCs in Terrokar Forest
[Progression] Despawn Mog'dorg the Wizened until Patch 2.1
Added slow immunity for Primordial Behemoth
Added stun and interrupt immunity for Blacklash and Hematus
Fixed linking for Fathom-Lord Karathress
Cleaned up some duplicate herb spawns in Shadowmoon Valley and added missing Coilskar Chests
[Progression] Disabled a few more seed/breadcrumb quests for 2.1 content
Fixup for data required for Battle of the Crimson Watch quest
[Instant 58] Fixed cost of Warlock Grimores
Updated movement for Battleguard Sartura in AQ40
Fixed linking for Empoor and Empoor's bodyguard
Added missing abilities and cooldown data for mind controlled NPCs in Nagrand
Added missing abilities and cooldown data for mind controlled NPCs in Netherstorm
Added missing abilities and cooldown data for mind controlled NPCs in Blade's Edge Mountains
Added missing abilities and cooldown data for mind controlled NPCs in Shadowmoon Valley
Added missing abilities and cooldown data for mind controlled NPCs in Auchenai Crypts (heroic and normal mode)
Demon Hunter Initiate - Add missing spell Banish
Ashtongue Handler - Add missing spell Enrage
Eclipsion Bloodwarder - Add missing spell Pummel
Overseer Athanel - Add missing spells Kick and Charge
Bash'ir Spell-Thief - Add missing ability Drain Mana
Add missing Emotes related to Noxxious Scion (quest 7041)
Improve Timers for Silkwing & Mature Silkwing
Silkwing Larva should do metamorphose sequence at 25% HP
Improve MainSpell Timer for Scorch Imp
Improve MainSpell Timer for Fel Corrupter
Improve MainSpell Timer and Add Distancing for Ridgespine Horror
Improve Timers for Doomforge Engineer
Improve Timer for Razaani Spell-Thief
Improve Timers for Razaani Raider
Add mail reward after q.7733 completion
Vir'aani Arcanist - add missing ability Blink, and Warmaul Chef Bufferlo - add missing ability Shoulder Charge
Remove wrong model for NPC Wrath-Scryer's Charge Target (now invisible to player)
Conjured Water Spirit - fixed removal of Bubble Shield visual
Fix data for Black Stalker adds
Fix spell dummy script used in q.10830 'Exorcising the Trees'
Necromancer - stop script from being executed way too often
Update positions and movement for Brown Marmots (Flavor NPCs related to quest The Smallest Creatures)
q.10411 'Electro-Shock Goodness!' - Use proper spells so that correct number of Globules are spawned for each NPC
Update script for q.10855 'Fel Reavers, No Thanks!' - Should unroot/unstun self to allow for random movement to proceed
Add missing creature target for spell Ultra Deconsolodation Zapper - Used during quest Invaluable Asset Zapping
Fix q.10273 'Troublesome Distractions' - Wind Trader Marid should become attackable
Add missing Cast Summon Hazzali Parasites on Death for Hazzali Wasp
Adjust how Quagmirran waypoints are enabled
Shattered Hand Savage - RP script update
Small improvements for gathering nodes in Zangarmarsh and Nagrand (Added missing spawns, adding pooling for some existing spawns)
Improve Timers for Dreadwing
Improve Timer for Lesser Nether Drake
Improve MainSpell Timer for Fingrom
Improve Timers for Bladespire Chef
Fix AI phases for Ashtongue Shaman
Fix AI phases for Bouldermok Shaman
Improve Flamestrike Timer for Bladespire Battlemage
Improve Timers for Bladespire Ravager
Correct Stats for Prenerf Used Npcs Durnholde Reinforcement & Durnholde Lookout
Auchenai Warrior - Add missing Knockdown ability
Mal'druk the Soulrender - Add missing Shadowfury ability
Shattered Hand Guard - add missing Counterstrike ability
Dark Iron Land Mine - added AI
Correct spell_affect mask for Improved Chain Heal (Shaman T6 4 piece bonus)
Ruuanok Skyfury - added AI
Improve MainSpell Timer for Bloodmaul Warlock
Improve MainSpell Timer for Bloodmaul Geomancer
Improve CombatTimers for Bloodmaul Skirmisher
Improve MainSpell Timer for Lashhan Windwalker
Fey Drake - added AI
Improve MainSpell Timer for Mature Cavern Crawler
Cavern Crawler - Fixed how Poison spell is casted
Improve MainSpell Timer for Screeching Spirit
Improve MainSpell Timer for Ethereal Nethermancer
Correct Level for Focus Fire summoned by Shirrak the Dead Watcher
Update data for Dark Portal Beam Invisible Stalker
Fix completion texts for Alliance and Horde version of the Trial of the Sea Lion quests
Add DB support for Gothik the Harvester
    - Remove equipment from Gothik the Harvester: he wielded none in Classic
    - Add missing auras to adds in Gothik the Harvester encounter (spectral aura and periodic shadow bolt)
    - Fix a few stats
    - Add spell targets
    - Script adds
Adjustment for Ghazan death event
Fix turn-in NPC for quest 10298 "Hero of the Brood" - Should be turned in to child Andormu, not adult version
Add snare immunity to Nascent Fel Orc on heroic mode
Add Dismount on Death for Eclipsion Bloodwarder & Eclipsion Cavalier
Improve Chance for Warmaul Warlock to Cast Summon Imp
Misc Faction Fixes (syncing bad public data with corrected LV data)
Fix faction and flags for Ancestral Spirit Wolf
Correct Factions for some Old Hillsbrad Foothills npcs


Fix combat reset for custom training dummy when non-damage spell is used
Fixup spells for Raise Dead ability
Fix pooled/linked Gameobjects spawning in wrong instance difficulty
Implement improved chase/distance action for npc_burster_wormAI and refactor with CombatAI
Adjust radius for effect 0 of spell 36374 Summon Smoke Beacon
MotionMaster: Implement TimedWanderMovementGenerator and add it to dbscripts
Import: Pet Training points are int32
Import: Adjust training points for imported pets to have max loyalty value
Implement visuals for q.10895 Zeth'Gor Must Burn!
Fix crash in IsAtGroupRewardDistance due to wrong call to GetMap
Add new creature formula which scales with max mana
MSG_MOVE_HEARTBEAT - sync sending proper MSTime
Attumen the Huntsman adjustments - Set the mounted version of Attumen the Huntsman in combat with zone when he spawns to avoid players dropping combat between phases
Ensure Black Stalker Levitate does not occur on main tank
New GM Tickets System Overhaul
Add missing knockback data for Magnetic Pull spell - Used for The Black Stalker Levitate ability
Implement Black Stalker Levitate ability
Implement NPC Blink spell with threat reset, addition and teleport
Script Astral Bite spell threat wipe
Loot: Always add player to loot owner list if in a dungeon
Fix item maxcount not counting equipped bags
MoveChase: Fix mob rubberbanding when in caster mode due to no previous movement
EAI: Fix going into melee mode due to out of mana failing
Spell: Check for originalCaster nullptr in CheckCast
Fix target of Throw Freezing Trap spell used by Swamplord Musel'ek
Add multiplication of drunk effect to InebriateRemoval
Fix spawns during Bessy escort
Fix Sticky Tar spell targeting failing on self
Kara: Fix unnecessary chess event self targeting causing potential issues
Fix another crash related to failed login
Import: Add fields to exploredZones added in TBC
Blood Furnace: Add activation script for cracks
Make traps only activate when GO_STATE_READY (Based on research in Blood Furnace)
Add radius scaling script to Broggok poison spells
Blood Furnace: Fix typo making Kelidan not cast his Fire Nova
Blood Furnace: Force players in combat during Blood Furnace gauntlet by spawning blizzlike npc
Hellfire Ramparts: Add facing spell on flight reposition end to Nazan
Fix starting of Vazruden the Herald encounter
Add missing text emotes for Bessy escort
Hellfire Ramparts: Fix typo in boss_omor_the_unscarredAI causing shield spamming
Remove forceful Battle Stance restoration on revival of a warrior player
Auras: SPELL_AURA_MOD_SCALE should stack additively not multiplicatively
AI: Implement ranged mode revert for TYPE_PROXIMITY casters
Fix redefinition of basePoints in Aura::TriggerSpellWithValue() (fixes 1 damage dealt for some spells)
Fiery Weapon Proc should not be removed on evade
Implement IsServerOnly for GameObjects in general
Script spell Shared Bonds - Used by Wrekt Slave
Use chase movement instead of follow for Grandmaster Vorpil's Void Traveler adds - Prevents them from going too fast
Update target for spell Draco-Incarcinatrix 900
 WorldState: Add full API for LoveIsInTheAir event leader counters
SpellScripting: Call OnHit for targetless, dest, item and Gameobject targets as well
Stop custom training dummies from chasing people around after they have died
Fix typo in custom enchantment npc - Item ID was used for Nethercobra Leg Armor instead of the spell ID
Darkmoon Steam Tonk: Handle EffectActivateObject for Close Control Console spell
Darkmoon Steam Tonk: Script application and removal of spell Using Control Console
Darkmoon Steam Tonk: Add missing spell Close Control Console
Darkmoon Steam Tonk: Script spells Nitrous Boost and Steam Tank Passive
Darkmoon Steam Tonk: Script spells Land Mine Trigger and Initialize Tank
Darkmoon Steam Tonk: Add missing spells used by Darkmoon Steam Tonk and Tonk Mine
Darkmoon Steam Tonk: Implement Summon RC Tank spell
Add some missing spells referenced by new quest_templates (new quests ported from classic)
Blood Furnace: Refactor Kelidan The Breaker encounter using CombatAI
Blood Furance: Fix texts and associate broadcast text with them
Blood Furnace: Refactor Broggok using CombatAI and add minor additions
Blood Furnace: Refactor naming style in instance file
Character Import: Fix keychain slot IDs during import
Fix Arena rating difference force queue update
Blood Furnace: Fix distance checks to reach all caged orcs
Spell: Add IsIgnoreLosSpell to XYZ LOS checks
Blood Furnace: Refactor The Maker using CombatAI
Fix area flag detection due to multiple usage of WMOs
Update escort faction for Magwin
Hellfire Ramparts: Refactor Watchkeeper Gargolmar using CombatAI
Implement inebriation removal for spells Drunken Skull Crack and and Drunken Haze
Hellfire Ramparts: Refactor Omor the Unscarred using CombatAI
Hellfire Ramparts: Rework and refactor vazruden the herald using CombatAI and SpellScript
PTR update - add several useful options to custom NPC for testing purposes
Kara: Fix nightbane casting spells during P2 transition
Add serverside spell Arcane Surge Passive - To be used by Arcane Vortex in Netherstorm, Triggers Arcane Surge (mana regeneration spell) every second
Implement Soulbind spell script
Implement prototype script for Greater Invisibility spell to aggro in proximity
SpellScripting: Add ForcePeriodicity method for forcing periodic ticks on auras
Reimplement check for spell Tag Greater Felfire Diemetradon
Make spell Summon Screecher Spirit script more consistent
Remove casting time from Use Legion Teleporter spell
Foolproof mob_enslaved_netherwing_drakeAI more through additional reset variable
Remove Throw Boom's Doom instakill
Fix Spell Focused Bursts
Reimplement q.10830 Exorcising the Trees
Directly equip instant 58 starter gear instead of mailing it
Implement TBC Race restriction for instant 58
Add special handling for spell Roc Form (shapeshift spell)
Crippling Poison spell should not be removed on evade
Windfury spell should not be removed on evade
Add missing Immolation serverside used by Searing Elemental
Fix wanding not being interrupted on moving
Fix autoshot not reinstating 0.5 sec cooldown on stopping
Implement Mini commentator mode [TBC+]
TargetingRework: Fix aoe-only chain targets failing in checkcast
AI: Properly despawn pets that act as escorts
Metrics - implement many sources of metrics readout from the core
Add several spells to list of "do not remove on evade" (Each confirmed on retail)
Kara: Add improved landing to nightbane P2 -> P1
Revise and improve City Of Light quest script
Fix TARGET_UNIT_FRIEND_CHAIN_HEAL not adding main target
Add ignoreM2Model to dynamic models like GameObjectModel
Combat: Fix evade bug and leashing bug due to slave aggro/leash
Refactor guardAI based on new AI principles
Implement BG capture animation and add missing spell for Zangarmarsh OPVP
Implement Battle for the Dark Portal event in Blasted Lands
Character Imports: Implement json import ack sending with response message
Safeguard all DamageTaken casts against dealer being nullptr
Fix crash in DamageTaken for npc_target_dummyAI
Add TBC+ broadcast texts/locales
Add some missing Love is in the Air event fixes from cmangos-classic
Targeting Rework: Fix TARGET_LOCATION_UNIT_* family of targets
Fix Scarab Lord mount visual glitch on recast
Character Imports: Fix crash in importer
Fix crash in go_chessboard on state change on encounter end
Fix crash in Unit::HandleProcTriggerSpellAuraProc due to proc victim being nullptr
Character Imports: Fix scarab lord, repeatable quest log spam, double random prop enchants
Script addition and removal of spell Stone Dwarf Awaken Visual used by Stone Keeper
Add some missing Emotes for npc_millhouse_manastorm Texts
PlayerAI: Create custom EnterEvadeMode function to avoid crashes
Remove random movement along Z axis for swimming creatures
HFR: Make Omor the Unscarred a ranged caster and adjust Shadowbolt cooldown
Disable LOS collision for traps (fixes Wrymcult Blackwhelp Egg triggering and possibly many other objects like it)
Improve add summon timer for Black Stalker
Underbog: Rewrite Swamplord Muselek using RangedCombatAI
Fix pets propagating combat to master while he/she is feigning death
Underbog: Refactor Black Stalker using CombatAI
Underbog: Implement Hungarfen despawn underbog mushrooms
Underbog: Refactor and improve Hungarfen using CombatAI
Add missing serverside spell Create Stonebreaker Brew
Fix search range for Bloodmaul Taskmaster during On Spirit's Wings quest
Fix radius for spell Coax Marmot used for The Smallest Creatures quest - Default radius is 100 yds which can't be correct here
Disallow selecting despawned objects in GameObjectFocusCheck (fixes being able to complete certain quests without first doing the required objective/event)
HFR: Fix Nazan flying anim and landing on instakill of Vazruden
Add serverside summon spells used by Seeping Sludge and Void Waste - For quest 10411 'Electro-Shock Goodness!'
Add spell script for Ultra Deconsolodation Zapper - Handles teleport visual for Invaluable Asset Zapping quest
[Instant 58] Fix scaling for newly created hunter pets
Cast hunter pet scaling auras on any hunter pet
New GM Tickets System - many improvements made
Fix Crusader aura altering run speed when used during taxi flight
Fix display id of Fire/Earth Elemental Totem when summoned by horde Shamans
Add AuraScript for X-52 Rocket Helm
Implement Quagmirran movement start on players 140yd away
Rework Battle For The Crimson Watch quest script
Make teleport targets face caster in near teleport case (fixes Shadowstep ending orientation)
[Instant 58] Add 2-hander for paladins, also give two 1h axes to both warriors and shamans
Implement leashing logic for Karathress and his entourage
Fix Lady Vashj script getting stuck
HFR: Apply patch for Vazruden the Herald encounter
Use new leashing system for Leotheras
Add 3 missing classic spells for Gothik
Mana Tombs: Make Shaffar a proximity caster and adjust heroic primary spell timer
SSC: Implement command for debugging Lurker
Mana Tombs: Refactor Shaffar using RangedCombatAI
Reenable Overrun on Doomwalker
Serverside non-M2 GOs should not restrict LOS
Fix npc_totem_of_spiritsAI following and modernize script
Dark Iron Land Mine should not follow master on summon
Fix fire nova totem despawning due to reuse of player and npc totems
Improve CombatTimers for npc_bloodmaul_dire_wolf
Added logging to find additional potential crash sources
Fix Zeppit for quest Bloody Imp-ossible
Black Morass update
    - Handle movement of portal summons with waypoints
    - Add Dark Portal Beam Invisible Stalkers and serverside spell to summon them
    - Add missing Arcane Explosion spell used by Crystal Stalkers when they shatter
Underbog: Implement fish dying event after Ghazan - Fixes LOS issues
Add removal and more blizzlike reset of some flags to npc_ranger_lilathaAI
Fix calculation for all mod scale spells
Added some more metrics for tracking and future debugging
Remove now redundant CallAssistance inside Unit::Attack
[Instant 58] Fix missing Moonglade Teleport spell
Vmap: Fix water using type instead of mask for classification of liquid
Fix script for q.9410 "A Spirit Guide", also add missing sounds
Fix some cases of random authentication failures
Make sure we dont wrap an item when casting something
Restrict proc of Strawman's Conflagrate Self Proc to only fire spells
Add leashing for Curator and Attumen
Fix issues with GameEvents causing serverside events to not properly spawn negative mobs