Published 2 years ago

Transfers are now OPEN on the PTR server for testing! When Stormspire goes live on March 11th, you will not need to repeat most of this process. The part that will be required on launch day is a redo of the final import step.


  1. Register a Light's Vengeance account using a valid email
  2. Go to your email and activate the account (Be sure to check your spam folder)
  3. Log into your new Light's Vengeance account


  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your Light's Hope account and download your ZIP data file to a location on your computer you'll be able to find again shortly


  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your Symmetry account and download your ZIP data file to a location on your computer you'll be able to find again shortly

NOTE: If you have problems logging in to either your Symmetry or Light's Hope accounts, Light's Vengeance CANNOT help you.

NOTE 2: Characters from banned accounts cannot be retrieved.


Before you begin, please be aware that uploads are final. Once a file has been uploaded to a LV account, it cannot be used anymore.

  1. Log in to your Light's Vengeance account
  2. In the top right where your account name is, click to show a dropdown menu
  3. Select settings, and if your account is properly activated, you will see two tabs - Settings and Import
  4. Click the Import tab
  5. Click in the first white box that says "Choose Server". You will see both Light's Hope and Symmetry options - select the proper one for the data file you are uploading
  6. Click in the next white box that says "Browse" and navigate to the ZIP data file you downloaded earlier
  7. Once you've found and selected your data file on your computer, click the Upload button
  8. This screen refreshes every 30 seconds so be patient
  9. Your characters will appear and are now ready for import!

NOTE: If you see a message that says "Please select valid zip file for upload", try using Chrome or Edge instead of whatever browser you're using

NOTE 2: If you see a message that says "The file signature.der cannot be found", re-download your ZIP file from the original source and try again


  1. At this point you should see your LH or Symmetry characters listed in your Light's Vengeance account, under the Account Settings > Import tab
  2. Choose a realm next to the character you want to import (currently only Public Test Realm is available)
  3. Click Import - be patient while your data is imported to the realm
  4. Once it has completed, the Import button will change to say Imported and will become unavailable

NOTE: You will need to repeat this import process for each character you want to play on Stormspire when launch day rolls around (March 11th).

Any progress you make for imported characters on the Public Test Realm will not be retained on Stormspire.